CBI has time for Balkrishna but no time for Hasan Ali

CBI acted very fast to lodge a case against Balkrishna for irregularities in Passport. Some names have appeared who helped Hasan Ali get Visa fraudulantly, no action ?

SC wants SIT for Hasan Ali, congress says no.

Purulia arms drop case, CBI goes with expired warrant, gives excuse of inadequate staff, ….but enough staff for Balkrishnam who is actually doing good service to our nation.


AajTak Politically Motivated News on Advani Nandigram

Aajtak alleges that Advani’s visit Nandigram for “ROTI SEKNE” is a means to take political advantage of the situation. Whenever Congress leaders visit troubled sites in BJP ruled states, such openly biased accusations or language is never used.

Does ‘Aaj Tak’ suggest that NDA leaders should not visit Nandigram? If not, why?

This is just one example. They do it almost everyday.

Emergency – Bad for Pakistan, good for India ?

None of the Muslim countries have democracy, so it hardly matters if there is an emergency or not. Our Indian media is worried about political detentions in Pakistan, they are worried about the judiciary there.

The same media forgot that Justice Khanna was superseeded by Justice Chandrachud, a step towards dismantling the Judiciary during emergency. Thousands were arrested including JayPrakash Narayan, widely known as JP, an Indian freedom fighter and political leader, remembered especially for leading the opposition to Indira Gandhi in the 1970s. When Indira Gandhi was found guilty of violating electoral laws by the Allahabad High Court, JP called for Indira to resign, and advocated a program of social transformation which he termed Sampoorna kraanthi [Total Revolution]. Instead she proclaimed a national Emergency on the midnight of 25 June 1975, immediately after JP had called for the PM’s resignation and had asked the military and the police to disregard unconstitutional and immoral orders; JP, opposition leaders, and dissenting members (the ‘Young Turks’) of her own party were arrested on that day. JP was kept as detenu at Chandigarh even after he had asked for a month’s parole for mobilising relief in areas of Bihar gravely affected by flood. His health suddenly deteriorated on 24 October, and he was released on 12 November; diagnosis at Jaslok Hospital, Bombay, revealed kidney failure; he would be on dialysis for the rest of his life. Right to life itself was suspended during emergency. Thousands were detained for 2-3 years.

Is the media fighting for people’s cause?

Media Biases: Mass Murderer, News or Sensational Views?

I will share my views on the Indian voting pattern :

  • Eligible Voters =100%
  • Names in the Voters list = 80%
  • General Voting percentage= 60%, i.e. 80*0.6 = 48%
  • You need only 48/2 = 24% to win, out of 100% eligible voters.
  • The death (murder?) of Hindus in the Godhra train incident was dismissed as an accident and Narendra Modi is a mass murderer… the media sensationalizes news with such heavily loaded terminologies such as “mass murderer” influencing 15% of the headless people from the 24% votes required to win.
  • Now you need only 9% more votes and other side has to struggle for 24% votes.
  • So it sums upto a fight for 9% versus 24% votes.
  • You can further separate Brahmins and may get 2% votes.
  • You separate Dalits and you may get 2% votes.
  • You separate Adivasis and you may get 2% votes.
  • Then there are vested interests who may support you and give remaining 3% votes.

Those who talk in terms of Muslims, Minority, Dalits, Adivasis, Brahmins,Jains, Patels are trying to keep the country “united”…….and those who talk of five and a half crore Gujaraties are “dividing” the nation!!??

It is very difficult to talk about India as a whole, and very easy to divide it in small segments. Winning the elections is a far shot, given the media’s open biases to the offenders.

Gandhi Vadh Aur Main by Gopal Godse Ban

“Gandhi, Vadh Aur Main” ( which means “Gandhi’s Assassination and Me”) is a book by Gopal Godse , brother of Nathuram Godse, who wrote this book in prison, while undergoing life sentence.

This book was banned by govt of India until about 2005.

Freedom of expression for M F Hussain is fine. But why ban this book then? Gopal Godse has no where disrespected Gandhi in this book. The book gives an account of why Godse killed Gandhi. It provides details of the public sentiments and feelings while the trial was going on. Why does India have such double standards? If should have freedom of speech and expression, there is no reason why this book should have been banned.

The only reason to ban this book could be that Gandhi should be projected as equal to God, and Godse who killed him, being a Rashtriya Swayam Sevak (RSS) person should be painted black, so that the Congress could reap the political harvest forever.

Anyone who reads the book would change his views for Godse, and Gandhi.

My question to the pseudo-intellectuals and editors of well-known newspapers and journals is why are such issues not emphasized or even spoken about? Why does the media keep the already-ignorant masses so ignorant about “real issues” ?

We, the people can alone expose media’s vested interests, and I’m going to conduct an opinion poll on this issue, and request you, my dear readers to please participate and let me know if you have even heard of this book or what your opinions are!

Modi Hatao campaign by Media

Opponents of Narendra Modi from other political parties would like him to go, and that’s merely what any politics around the globe would encompass. But why does the media also want him to go?

Today I listened to Gujarati news on a national TV Channel, where comments from opponents were aired fully, given enough coverage. They claim they are secular and call Modi communal. If I may say so, the media always asks derogatory questions to those who really think and act in the national interest of the country, whereas their questions to those who actually help them in generating revenue to run their channels, news, print media are almost like a paid review with sweet nothings!

The media has never questioned these so-called-secularists, who don’t speak on around four lakh Hindus evacuation from J & K, who give reservation on the basis of religion.

We, the people know who is secular and who is communal. What do you think?

Hello India

Hello all. “Media Politics” is my first blog and this is my very first post, and here I’m going to share my views and invite your own on media and politics or precisely, media’s politics. Primarily, the purpose of this blog is to highlight media’s hypocrisy, media’s vested interests that hurt people’s interest, or say the nation’s interest in part or whole. I believe contributing your views towards a better India is a way of providing your service to the nation and I welcome you to participate by leaving your comments. Thanks.

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